Why work at InFoCusp?

  • InFoCusp has a rich pedigree of innovative projects in diverse fields. All these projects combine theoretical/academic knowledge of computer science, algorithms, mathematics and statistics with industrial/commercial endeavours. We believe a job at InFoCusp provides a great platform to apply the knowledge and skills on practical and challenging problems. (See our complete list of projects)

  • InFoCusp management takes employee growth and preferences seriously. We attempt our best to provide each employee projects of their preference. All the employees are given ample opportunities to enhance their skill-sets through vastly diverse projects, and they are assigned challenging roles involving research and leadership.

  • We have a flat architecture and informal work environment, and a work culture brimming with positive attitude and smiles.

  • We provide competitive pay package, and ensure that we match your satisfaction.

  • You get the chance to work with state-of-the-art technologies and hardware.

  • Resources: Library of technical books and gadgets. State of the art computing systems.

  • Refreshments: Free home-made tea and snacks everyday . Company sponsored bi-weekly coffee/tea outings, and bi-monthly lunch/dinner outings.

Current Openings

Machine Learning Engineer

Primary responsibilities

1. Applying machine learning, data mining and signal processing on large datasets to develop models.

2. Designing and programming machine learning methods and integrating them into our ML framework pipeline.

3. Analyzing data collected from various sources.

4. Evaluate and validate the analysis with statistical methods.

5. Writing specifications for algorithms, reports on data analysis, and documentation of algorithms.

6. Evaluating new machine learning methods and adopting them for our purposes.

7. Feature engineering to add new features that improve model performance.

Knowledge and Skills Required

1. Background in machine learning, natural language processing, and/or image/signal/video processing with at least 2 years of experience working on real­world data.

2. Strong programming background, e.g. Java, Python, C/C++, R.

3. Knowledge of statistical modeling tools, e.g. Matlab, Sklearn, Weka, RapidMiner, Pentaho etc.

4. Excellent mathematical and skills and background, e.g. accuracy, significance tests, visualization, advanced probability concepts.

5. Ability to perform both independent and collaborative research.

6. Excellent written and spoken communication skills.

7. A proven ability to work in a cross discipline environment in defined time frames.

8. Knowledge and experience of using distributed and cloud­based systems (Hadoop, Spark, Amazon EC2) a big plus.


B.E.\B. Tech\B.S. candidates' entries with significant prior experience in the aforementioned fields will be considered. M.E.\M.S.\M. Tech\PhD preferably in fields related to Computer Science with experience in machine learning, image and signal processing, or statistics preferred.



For job prospects

Mail us your resume to jobs@infocusp.in, alongwith a copy of your education records. We will get back to you as soon as possible. A word of caution: InFoCusp is extremely selective in hiring the candidates. Our interview process consists of 2 rounds of telephone interviews, followed by an onsite interview - where several InFoCusp employees take the candidate's interview. If we get all thumbs up, then you are hired!

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