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InFoCusp was started in late 2009 as a one-man consultancy firm and took up BodyMedia's physiological modeling projects. Over the years, it has steadily grown and has managed multiple projects and contracts with several U.S. based product companies - all working on various domains of artificial intelligence.



Since 2013, InFoCusp has been associated with Cerebellum Capital and has been working on their Big Data and financial modeling projects.

Post BodyMedia's acquisition to Jawbone in 2013, InFoCusp was also associated with Jawbone, and worked on Jawbone's next generation fitness tracking products (Up, Up2, Up3).


In late 2015, InFoCusp started working with RunScribe for providing analytics and algorithms insights for their foot-worn wearable devices, specifically designed for runners.


In early 2016, InFoCusp started working with LegalSifter to provide machine learning and natural langugage processing support for their team and ContractSifter products.

Since early 2016, InFoCusp has been working with PriceBlink, one of the leading cross-merchant / cross-retailer online platform that provides the end-users best deals and discounts.

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What We Offer

Under the umbrella of AI, we specialize in

  • Machine Learning

  • Computer Vision

  • Deep Learning

  • Wearable Computing

  • Data Mining

  • Statistical Data Analysis

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Signal Processing

  • Mathematical Modeling and Optimization

  • Distributed Computing

  • Business Intelligence

  • AI for Games

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Audio and Speech Processing

  • Robotics

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We are a group of committed professionals with a proven track record of working in various fields of AI. (Join Us)


Nisarg Vyas, Founder and CEO

Nisarg is the founder, CEO and principal engineer/scientist at InFoCusp. He graduated from Nirma Institute of Technology (then part of the Gujarat University) with B.E. in Information Technology in 2000. He completed his M.S. in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) in 2005. He has been fascinated with AI since the Deep Blue days. He worked at a start-up BodyMedia between 2005-2009. Through the virtue of wearing multiple hats with BodyMedia (ranging from fielding customer service calls to leading a team of distinguished research professionals), he closely followed many aspects of business, and learned how successful startups operate. All this knowledge was instrumental when he started his own tech-centric (and AI/algo centric) venture in India in 2009.


Jayendra Parmar, Senior Research Programmer

Jayendra (Jay) is a Senior Research Programmer at InFoCusp. He joined InFoCusp in 2012 right after his completion of B.E. (Computer Engineering) from Gujarat University. He loves to solve mathematics puzzles, and that is evident in his problem solving skills when it comes to InFoCusp problems. He flip-flops between a cutting-edge technical enthusiast and a farm owner in remote village of North Gujarat.


Ankit Pandey, Senior Data Scientist

Ankit Pandey is a Senior Data Scientist at InFoCusp having over 3 years of experience in Machine Learning and Data Analytics. He brings in his thorough knowledge and skills of Data Science and Engineering into play with razor-sharp precision and focus, courtesy his study and work experience in Germany. Ankit holds M. S. in Distributed Systems Engineering from Technical University Dresden, Germany (2013) and B. Tech from Vellore Institute of Technology University (2010). Prior to joining InFoCusp, Ankit has worked with SAP Research Next Business and Technology Dresden Germany for over a year providing vertical search option for SAP's clients. His research interests are in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Algorithms and Mathematics. He also likes pursuing his passion for culinary skills.


Ankit Joshi, Research Programmer

Ankit is an uber-programmer working at InFoCusp, he likes to delve into many new and bleeding-edge technologies. Math being the favorite subject right from school days, domains like algorithms and machine learning interest him profoundly. He graduated from Gujarat University (L D college of engineering) as a Computer Engineer in 2013 by maintaining the least needed attendance in all semesters. Music is one of his passions, when his fingers are not writing code on the keyboard, they are found walking over a guitar fretboard.


Jignesh Padsumbiya, Research Programmer

Jignesh has been working as a Research Programmer at InFocusp since 2014. He graduated in 2014 from Institute of Technology, Nirma university with B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering. He loves to analyse big data, represent the data in different human readable formats using statistical / programming tool (matlab, python or R) statistical tools and apply his algorithmic skills to solve computationally challenging problems in an efficient manner. He now wants to take leverage the statistics/analysis maturity he has gained and turn the focus into building really amazing products that make human life easier and better. He is an avid reader and enjoys reading books on Indian history, Indian law, short stories and Gujarati novels.


Akshita Bhagia, Research Programmer

Akshita Bhagia is a Research Programmer at InFoCusp. She completed her B.Tech. in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) in 2015. She joined InFoCusp as an intern in her final semester for 4 months, and as a full-time employee in July 2015. In her spare time, she likes reading classic novels, and writing poetry.


Sargam Menghani, Data Scientist

Sargam works as a Data Scientist at InFoCusp. She graduated from DA-IICT, Gandhinagar with a B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in 2015 and joined InFoCusp as a full time employee (after an amazing internship there) soon afterwards. She loves solving algorithmic intensive problems and has a deep interest in astronomy and related topics.


Manali Shah, Research Programmer

Manali is a research programmer at Infocusp. She joined InFoCusp in May 2015. Prior to joining Infocusp, she was Assistant Professor at renowned MS University of Baroda. Along with teaching, she was entrusted with additional responsibility of Corporate Relations and Campus Recruitment. She has total of 3 years of teaching and research experience. Manali is Graduate in Information Technology from Sardar Patel University and Master in Technology in Machine Intelligence from DA-IICT (Gandhinagar).


Falak Shah, Research Scientist

Falak Shah is a research scientist at Infocusp. He obtained his bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication from Nirma University in 2013 and Masters degree in ICT from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT). He was conferred with the President's Gold medal for academic excellence at DA-IICT. In the past, he has worked at the Indian Space Research Organisation on a project for the accuracy improvement of IRNSS receivers. He has completed 8 MOOCs from top universities and is a strong believer in continuous learning. He has a hobby of keeping track of the ongoing research in the fields of ML and computer vision.

He's a voracious reader and loves travelling to mountains. He likes meditating and has been practising Rajyoga meditation for over a decade.

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