Our Mission

InFoCusp is a consultancy firm specializing in the broad field of artificial intelligence, specifically delivering solutions for commercial products built around AI.

Our mission is to make machines / devices / computers act smarter; make them attain never-before achieved heights of intelligence and sophisticated processing, all for making our day-to-day personal and professional life better, healthier, more convenient and safer. We believe that data-based decision making can be applied in any field, and can yield positive outcomes. This philosophy is evident with the various flavors of projects we have taken up and how successfully we have carried them.

We work very closely with research and advanced development teams of commercial companies, and collaborate on all the phases of building smarter products : right from the inception of the ideas, designs, research prototypes and finally productization of those concepts.

Our Projects

We have worked on a vast variety of projects. See here for complete details of all our projects.

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Predictive models for finance forecasting

Time-critical infrastructure systems for finance data

NLP for legal documents

Real-time analytics for running data

Recommender systems for product categories

Heart-rate estimation using bioimpendance

Blood glucose estimation

Heart-rate estimation using arm-based ECG

Estimation algorithms for Energy expenditure

Physiological modeling for bio-adhesive platforms

Online advertising platform

Vision based system for health monitoring

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